the creative pet project

They don’t speak your tongue, they speak into your eyes: There’s word of a wonderful artistic project aimed at the animal lovers out there.

Back on the rugged continent we call old, much turmoil has set our last half-decade ablaze. Most of us forgot to be kind. And when that happened, others denounced cruelty and deplored its innocent tongue-tied victims.

Gandhi once said; “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Our history in recent years has shown evidence of the neglect humankind has shown toward it’s follow Earthlings. The Creative Pet Project book is an attempt by the arts community to highlight some of the beauty of our animal companions, in order to help raise money for charity.

Why? Because some people tightened their belts and loosened their pets’ collars, letting them go so far that the animals were sent to oblivion. The people forgot that any pack is only as strong as its underdog. Their “new found forgetfulness” dripped poisonous ooze over moral fabric, portraying it to be as elastic as any momentous whim of desperation.

Started in July 2012, the project began as a small idea, and has now grown to its present position. The concept of asking artists to contribute art, that would be bound in a single volume, to raise money to animal concerns is, as far as we are aware a unique addition to the literary world.

But artists had enough:  they gathered together for a marvellous project to say that well, when the going gets tough, the tough don’t have to get going. 111 artists from 250 countries started making artwork for a pet project: a book telling the illustrated story of their relationship with their pets; a book illustrating our kindness instead of our fear ridden yellowed fangs. The profits for all the hard work? They will go to the animal charities that need them the most.

the creative pet project

The Creative Pet Project, started in 2012, is aiming at raising thirty thousand dollars on, in order to print a fantastic book, sell it and donate the profits to charity. Prints and e-books are involved. Lots of personalised gimmicks are involved. There’s a reward for every participant, “no matter how small”. But the biggest reward is the feeling one gets from seeing this project unfolding, from hearing imagined pet voices saying squeaky “thank you”s because we all know  that they don’t speak our tongues, but they do speak into our eyes.

You can find more on the creative pet project here.


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