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a thorn in one’s side

the anti-human spikes and the anti-spike humans

photo credit: "ethical pioneer" for Twitter

photo credit: ethical pioneer.

London, 2014. Metal is a marvel of engineering. Like all marvels that bend and shape, this one too can be either blunt or sharp to suit one’s crafting needs. In the spur of a moment, some Londoneers decided they wanted it sharp, kind of like their anti-European political discourse. Therefore spikes were errected to protect the sidewalks from unwanted inhabitants. Floor studs, to be precise.

The story is, of course, larger than that but we cut it down to size, for the sake of brevity.

What happened after the thorny matter was settled is more interesting. It turns out not everyone is ready to give up charity and, contrary to general belief, the next door neighbour isn’t just about willing to spike the less fortunate.

Spiking: this is a matter we traditionally know a few things about.

photo credits:  Tom Johnson for Vice

photo credits: Tom Johnson for Vice

In the dark of night (or perhaps early dawn) activists carrying buckets of concrete covered the spikes and leveled the ground. This is good news: it means we’re not cynical enough to irrevocably hate each other just yet and the days of “we must either love each-other or we must die” are still upon us. Perhaps there is still hope for our wolf crying humanity after all.

photo credit: Tom Johnson for Vice

photo credit: Tom Johnson for Vice


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